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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Mossberg Model 402 Palomino .22 Caliber Carbine

A local shooting range has a recurring gallery-gun fun-shoot event that is tempting me.  Most any of my .22 semi-autos would suffice but this old early-1960's-era lever action small-game gun also has merit.  The likelihood that I'll ever again go hunting with it is only marginally above zero.  It would be nice to put some more mileage on it before I decide to put it up for sale on consignment (via FFL LGS of course, in utter and complete compliance with all current and future interstellar, universal, international, federal, state, and local firearm laws, no matter how bureaucratically complex, idiotic, ill conceived, and functionally flaccid those laws may be).

Gun Designer Ludwig Seecamp was with O.F. Mossberg during the time period corresponding to the development and marketing of this rifle.  Is there a solid Seecamp connection?  Maybe so, maybe no; it was so many years ago that I doubt Mossberg has records that would say one way or the other.  The only reason that I brought this up is because this model has (IMHO) somewhat of a European flavor to it; there is no external hammer and the firing pin is more of a striker type.  It has a unique stylish flair that is quite unlike the looks (and mechanics) of the competing Marlin lever .22 rifles (and others) of the era.  I did find a lever action patent filed by Ludwig Seecamp that did show a tantalizing hint of a connection.  Speculation is harmless fun (usually).

This same Mossberg made rifle was sold by Montgomery Wards under the WesternField brand.

Parts are still available (some new, some used) from Numrich and from Havlin.


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