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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Yugoslavian M48 8mm Mauser

This lightly fired circa 1950 military-grade rifle is still fairly close to being in new condition.  Goodness, wouldn't it be nice if we all aged as well as it has.   CLICK HERE for the historic lowdown on the M48.  I forget exactly how long ago it was when I bought this rifle ... I've had it for around a dozen to fifteen years or so ... maybe it cost me around $180.  This was going to be my knockabout rifle for use in rugged nasty-ass terrain, primarily intended to harvest an occasional nuisance feral hog ... it turned out that only once did I ever manage to drive way down south with this rifle for that purpose ... the arrangements fell through and the M48 did not come out of the locked travel-case until I returned home.   Life keeps getting in the way of my dreaming and scheming another trip ... it's been many years in the thinking ... dunno if I am young enough to be trekking through any rugged nasty-ass terrain.  Long gone is the agility needed for me to scurry up a tree in the event of an attack by righteously pissed-off hogs.  If I do my part, I get to chew bacon; if I screw up, the bacon chews on me.  My age, along with my lousy physical condition, tips the odds in favor of the feral pork.  Maybe I'll fortuitously find someone needing a nuisance hog removed from the fairway of a posh golf course ... and will let me stalk it using an armored cart.  "Tally-ho!"

For an excellent read regarding the M48 rifle, CLICK ON OVER to Carteach0's blog site.

The two top boxes in the above photo are Sellier & Bellot 196 grain FMJ target fodder
The 196 grain Norma Oryx is a game thumper with ballistics in the .30-06 realm
The 170 grain Winchester and Remington loads are closer to being in the .30-30 neighborhood

OMG! LOOKEE THAT PHOTO! CALL CNN!  Eight boxes of ammo containing twenty-rounds each is ... OMG! ...

(Blammophobia = anxiety caused by loud noises and / or the irrational fear of the number of cartridges perceived to be in the possession of a law abiding citizen)


Carteach said...

Darn nice looking rifle. They are a ball to shoot. The Yugoslavian soldiers name for them translates to 'old faithful'.

"Zack" said...

I'm honored to have you stop by! Thanks!

Harry Flashman said...

I have a Yugo model 1948, must have bought it about the time you got yours. Haven't fired it, I've been collecting Mausers for about 30 years and I tend to do more cleaning of guns than firing them these days. Just hit 66 and don't do a lot of shooting anymore. Enjoyed your post on the gun.

"Zack" said...

Harry, I am very pleased to meet you. Not only do we have the same taste in rifles, we are within a few months of being the same age. I stopped by your blog and was mesmerized ... I'll be back on a regular basis. I also surfed through your G+ postings and gave it a follow so I can stay up to date. I split my blog away from direct affiliation with my G+ page due to an argument I had with the Google enforcement bots; I was accused of being a spammer, among other things.

Thanks for stopping by! You put a big grin on my face.

Harry Flashman said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm always glad to find another individual on line who is "of the right party." They are few and far between these days. So many good folks have died off, or just don't blog anymore. I look forward to being a frequent visitor.

Drake's Place said...

Heh, "Blammophobia" - should be in listed in the 'Urban Dictionary'. Plugged "Blammophobia" into the (the anti-Google search engine) and your post is the first 2 entries listed. Congrats, Zack, way to go!

"Zack" said...


How cool! Thanks David.


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