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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Review of the Wilson Combat Lo-Profile Holster for a full size 1911

I purchased this matte-finish Lo-Profile OWB pancake style holster direct from Wilson's a long-long time ago, probably not too long after they started marketing via full color catalog mailings.  Right about then was when they changed their moniker to Wilson Combat.  This older Lo-Profile is the same ride that you and your pistol will get from the glossy, highly boned Lo-Profile holsters that Wilson's offers today.  CLICK HERE for photos and a review of a Lo-Profile holster that sports the newer look.

NOTE:  It is my opinion that the proper fitting and function of a holster requires a suitable gun belt, i.e a holster with 1.5'' slots needs a 1.5'' gun belt, not the flimsy 1'' dress belt we use to hold up our church trousers.  

A full size 1911 is not among the easiest handguns for me to conceal when worn outside of my waistband.  Then again, the primary intent of this holster design was not for deep concealment.

For my needs, the Lo-Profile under a properly sized coat, a vest, or even my untucked frumpy oldman shirts adequately hides the bulges and disguises the outine of the 1911 pistol.

Below is a copy and paste from Wilson's:

The Lo-Profile® holster is designed for the person that carries all day long and demands maximum comfort and concealability.

  • Designed For All Day Carry, Maximum Comfort And Concealability

  • Pancake Style Design Actually Conforms To The Shape Of Your Waist

  • Two Belt Slot Design Positions The Holster With A Slight Forward Cant

  • Very Smooth Draw From Just About Any Position

  • Low-Cut Front Will Have You Clearing Leather Just Above The Belt Line

  • Custom Formed Safety Guard Protects The Thumb Safety And Your Clothing During Carry

  • Meets I.D.P.A. Holster Criteria

The Lo-Profile® holster is designed for the person that carries all day long and demands maximum comfort and concealability. This holster's pancake style design actually conforms to the shape of the waist, blending its lines to those of the person wearing it. This feature has obvious benefits for concealment, but also helps the holster feel more comfortable with less likelihood of it hanging up on objects or shifting position.

The two-belt slot design positions the holster with a slight forward cant while providing incredible stability. This carry position offers maximum comfort and concealability while allowing a very smooth draw from just about any position. The low-cut front will have you clearing leather just above the belt line. A custom-formed safety guard is incorporated in this design to protect the thumb safety and your clothing during carry. Bill Wilson says: "It's one of the most comfortable holsters I've ever worn."

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