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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Archive from June 28, 2007

Entry for June 28, 2007

Congress keeps busy, but nothing substantial or effective ever becomes law. The immigration bill that failed to pass today was a typical bill that would have accomplished little other than to legitimize our failures. They need to start with clear minds and rethink the whole issue.

There was a problem with illegal immigration when I was 15 years old, and there is still a problem 40 years later. Every few years there are new laws but never a solution. Passing laws and not enforcing them makes no sense. Businesses were supposed to be penalized for hiring illegal aliens. I once needed to show my employer some form of ID in order to verify I was not here illegally from Botswana or other faraway land. That requirement fell into disuse. It used to be a standard of practice to deport illegal aliens when discovered. Now that idea is being brought up as something brilliant and new.

Illegal aliens come from all over the world, from every country. They are drowning in oceans, and dying of thirst in deserts, because their governments suck. Their countries usually have the elite class, and the lowest of the lower class. Middle class in most of these countries does not exist. People from those countries want to come to the USA to be in the middle class, which is a huge improvement from the suckhole lives their homelands allow. It seems part of any immigration bill would need to insist that these countries evolve. How many illegal alien Canadians have you heard of? Find me one illegal alien Australian sneaking in. No illegal aliens come here from countries that do not suck.

Our government has failed to secure our borders. Homeland security, the war on drugs, and stopping illegal immigration all start at our borders. Cutting the budget of the Border Patrol and the Coast Guard never has made any sense, yet that is what each administration does. Start with a bill that secures our borders, then work on the temporary worker visas, then work on what to do with the existing illegals. If you are going to grant some form of amnesty, call it that and quit trying to put a spin on it.

Our government should work out a deal with the various suckhole countries from where most of the illegal aliens come from. They can take them back or they can contribute some money toward “amnesty.” A better deal is this; we will take one honest, hard working immigrant for each criminal we can export. Most of the trash governments of this world have draconian prison conditions. They can house one of our hard-timers for each honest immigrant we take. I smell a real solution here.

Thanks for listening,

James A. Zachary Jr.

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