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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Entry for January 22, 2008

My seventy year old Uncle Junior (yep, Junior, AKA J.R., full name Otha Logan Zachary) has a brain tumor. He had a car accident a week or so ago and suffered some moderate injuries. The scan of his head revealed the brain tumor. Surgery is scheduled for Thursday. I’ll be hanging some prayers in the air for Uncle Junior.

When I was a kid, I loved when we visited Junior and his wife Sandy. They parted years ago, and Junior’s children have not had easy lives due to a number of issues. Two of his sons have died. I was blessed with many uncles, and J.R. was always one of my favorites. Good memories.

NOTE: I originally had this posted as "Otha Allen Zachary Jr.", since I believed Uncle "Junior" was named after his father, "Otha Allen Zachary". It turns out Uncle Jr's name is "Otha Logan Zachary"; his first name is after his father and his middle name is after his paternal grandfather, "John Logan Zachary". There may or may not be a "Junior" on his birth certificate. Many knew him as "Junior Zachary".

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