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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Entry for July 29, 2008

Her well-tanned and toned body carried an air of sophistication, her scanty attire was quite stylish, and not a tinted hair on her middle-aged-head was out of place. Her Toyota Prius hybrid had three bumper stickers, one was pro Obama, one was about second hand tobacco smoke being child abuse, and the other was about her child being an honor student at such-and-such middle school. She offloaded her groceries from the shopping cart into her car, and instead of pushing the empty cart the mere 15 feet into the cart-corral, she simply pushed it into the middle of the vacant handicapped parking space next to her car. With that, she gracefully entered her Prius, checked her look in the rearview mirror, gave herself an approving smile, and raced off to change the world.


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