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Monday, August 25, 2008

Entry for August 25, 2008

To those that like issues and experience, Joe Biden, with a certifiable big mouth and plenty of on-the-job experience, offers some credibility to the presidential campaign of our Junior Senator from Illinois. After November, it will be long argued whether this decision won or cost Barack Obama the election. The cynic in me believes politicians win on emotion and superficiality, and Obama was winning that war on every front. An Obama / Clinton ticket would have united the election money and machinery. Now the Obama / Biden ticket needs to make some machinery repairs and attend to some deep ego wounds. By bringing this down to an equal footing of issues and name-calling, Obama may have just put this race dead even.

Should McCain choose an unknown, we can all save the TV time and call it “game over.” A Mitt Romney as veep may just make this game go into extra innings and hanging-chads.

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