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Friday, August 29, 2008

Entry for August 29, 2008

Swiping a slice of pie from the table of Obama political strategy, John McCain just played his superficiality and fluff trump card. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is obviously a woman, and choosing her as veep is a plain and simple tactic to woo some women voters over to his side of the voting booth. She is young, attractive, intelligent, patriotic, conservative, gutsy, articulate, and ambitious. She is a gun-toting, NRA card-carrying political maverick. She is “Wild Thing.”

Cactus John and Wild Thing have their work cut out, and the next sixty days will be a tough row to hoe. I think she is every bit as qualified as Hillary or Barack, but that is not a high standard. McCain and Biden carry the only credentials in this race. Sarah Palin and Barack Obama will be the race on superficiality and emotion, high ideals and big ideas, chances for barriers to be forever broken.

In making this choice, did McCain have a stroke of genius, a stroke of desperation, or just a stroke? Was this a defining moment or a senior moment? We will find out for sure in November.

I still say Condoleezza Rice as veep would have bagged this race for McCain. Maybe she was too intimidating for the crusty old boy. She would make a better president than either Obama or McCain. Sorry Condi, maybe next time. She will be the only part of the Bush administration that I will miss.

I am still a believer. I believe it’s now time for three fingers of bourbon.

James A. Zachary Jr.

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