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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stop the pending "Assault Weapons Ban"

To those politicians supporting ANY ANTI-GUN LAW, including any “assault weapons ban” I PROMISE TO VOTE AGAINST YOU AND I PROMISE TO CAMPAIGN AGAINST YOU. If you are appointed instead of elected, I will oppose whoever appointed you. That is my pledge.

“It’s only common sense!” If the existing gun laws do not work, new gun laws will not work. Quit wasting our time. Don’t pass new laws turning us into criminals just because you are impotent against Mexican drug lords. Quit lying to the citizens. Secure our borders. “It’s only common sense!”

In case you haven’t heard, the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting.

Election Day in November of 2010 is not too far off. Go ahead. Vote for an “assault weapons ban.” Make my day. Maybe you’ll be reelected, maybe you won’t.

Dear Republicans, quit taking the vote of gun-owners for granted.

Dear Democrats, don’t underestimate the voting power of pissed off gun-owners.

Dear gun-owners, bless you if you are voters, and please learn to vote if you are not. Don’t ever think that your rights cannot vanish. If you are a big talker and don’t vote, you are only breaking wind.

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