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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Waiting for the Obasm

The economy is still naked and unresponsive. As far as stimulus, we all are waiting to see the true size of Obama’s package, which Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank lovingly helped to prepare. They promise it as being huge compared to Bush’s package. Time will tell whether bigger is better. Bush’s idea was to stimulate with multiple short jabs and plenty of promises. For the most part, he let his aging staff do the work while he slept. Obama says that for anything to explode, he needs to move fast and provide multiple hard strokes aimed at injecting stimulus into a variety of areas, including toxic assets. He says we can expect some pain before things begin to flow smoothly and that results will take time to trickle down. So far, we have seen little response to his dry lip service. Obama is reluctant to let Senators have a hand enhancing his package by adding pork, so for now it just hangs there. Until there is something solid, we can do nothing but wait. Bush or Obama, big package or small, fast or slow, as always we the taxpayers will eventually get it in the end.

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