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Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm a Gun Owner, and I VOTE!

Tuesday April 7 is yet another election day here in Illinois. Taking advantage of the early voting provisions, I cast my votes today. Yeah, I am a gun owner and I vote, and I am proud of it. Sometimes I cynically believe that I am the sole gun owner in this area who votes. In spite of the added opportunities offered by early voting, the projections say that voter turnout for this election will be very light, as usual. Face it, everyone loves to bitch and pontificate but relatively few people register to vote, and few of the registered voters bother to vote.

The only incumbent to receive my vote was the PRO GUN (Democratic Party) Mayor of Waukegan, tough old Dick Hyde. It goes to show that not all Democrats are bad. In Illinois, pro gun does not necessarily follow party lines. For instance, former Illinois Governor George Ryan (currently in prison) was an anti gun Republican. Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (hopefully soon to be in prison) was an anti gun Democrat.

This election was just for local stuff, school boards, township officials, etc. In an advisory referendum, I also voted FOR the controversial extension of Route 53. This issue alone should bring people out in droves. Everyone has an opinion on it pro or con and everyone loves to preach about it, but to get off their fat assess and make it to the polls is just too much trouble. Bah!

For what it is worth, once again I have done my duty. I voted. I count.

Click here to find voting dates and details for your state.

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