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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Remember them as losers.

Another guy just killed his estranged wife, his kids, and then himself (click here for AP story).

We have all been through periods in our lives when we felt that all was lost, times when we were humiliated, broke, and angry at the world. We dealt with these defeats, we dealt with the depression, we dealt with hopelessness, and then, over time, we rebuilt our lives, relationships, and our finances. We moved on. What makes this guy and the other recent cop killers and mass murderers different from us? Is there some personality quirk that tells them that if they cannot win then it is okay to make sure that NOBODY wins? Do they feel a need to make one last great act of defiance? Is this a final attempt at recognition, for them to be somebody special? Do they feel people will read their respective story and be sympathetic? Do they want us to view them as victims, that they had no choice? Do they want us to blame the availability of guns and knives? Do they want us to blame the economy? Do they expect us to blame the judicial system, the cops, their accent, their culture, or their Mommy?

They are not victims; they are all nothing more than murderous losers. The blame and the shame are on them. Losers.


Christina LMT said...

I thought exactly the same thing when I heard this story this morning!
And there's always an answer, some kind of solution, THIS is NOT an answer or solution, it's just a horrible end.

Christina LMT said...

Oh, didn't notice the date! I thought you were referring to the loser in Maryland. Well, both the post and my comment still apply.

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Hi Christina, thanks for stopping in, and thanks for the comments.