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Friday, May 8, 2009

Crisis Intervention

This following is a memo from back in the good old days.

Oct 4 1990
All Employees

Due to the great number of male employees, we all have taken up the habit of using the sole designated women’s restroom when the sole designated men’s restroom is occupied. It has been brought to my attention that this is developing into a problem, as men tend to leave the women’s restroom in a condition that women generally find unsuitable; gentlemen should raise the seat when they make wee-wee so as not to spray bodily-fluids all over it, and then they should return the seat to the down position. In addition, men tend to have poor aim, which makes the floor around the toilet somewhat slippery.

By law, I believe we are required to provide SEPARATE facilities for each gender.

I do not wish a pissing-contest to develop over this. The women's restroom is hereafter designated officially 'female-only'.

In order to make optimal use of our one men’s restroom, please try to refrain from reading the newspaper whenever making poo-poo and please ask others if they need the room for wee-wee before you tie it up for a shower. When finished with your business, flushing the toilet is mandatory, not optional.

We will augment the men’s restroom facilities as soon as possible.


James A. Zachary Jr.
Plant Supervisor