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Ante omnia armari.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Going over to the left

Massad Ayoob has a post on learning to shoot with the weak hand, something I have been wrestling with for a while now. My right hand does not work so pretty good anymore; the misadventures of my youth have allied with the infirmities of aging.


Borepatch said...

Boy, that title made me look twice.

It was a much-needed LOL. Thanks.

Hammer said...

I spent my life shooting one handed both left and right. At this point I can shoot better one handed than with a weaver stance.

I love the alligator pic!

ke4sky said...

More important than just mirror image shooting is one-hand only handling of the gun when the strong hand is injured or out of action, not just shooting with the other hand to take advantage of available cover. We practiced this skill by handcuffing the strong hand to the duty belt and manipulating the revolver only with the weak hand. See$38244

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

ke4sky, thanks for the insight and for that link. Shooting from both sides like Hammer did all his life is something I should have done all along. Starting so late in life, I am having trouble getting my left side to tune in. My right hand was crushed in a press about 40 years ago, and broken a couple of times since. Arthritis pain is tolerable, but the occasional weakness and loss of coordination makes shooting iffy. My left side needs to become my primary shooting side.