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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Illinois State Police writing tickets for air fresheners

This is a reminder to travelers having a concealed firearm carry permit. When traveling through Illinois you best unload and stow your weapon or face felony charges that could permanently cost you your permit, among other things that you hold dear.

If you choose to ignore Illinois law, what are your chances of being caught? In view of the number of criminals in Illinois who pack heat with impunity, your chances of being caught are probably slim. However, the Illinois State Police are pulling people over for no other reason than having air fresheners hanging from their rearview mirrors; such stops are up 91% since 2004. Once the police pull you over for any infraction, you may have trouble keeping them from searching you and your car. If you don’t believe me,
CLICK HERE for an enlightening Chicago Tribune article. Even if you don’t have anything hanging from your rearview mirror, police are pulling motorists over for having GPS units stuck to their windshields. Anything a given cop says obstructs your view is grounds for him to make a stop. Welcome to my world. There are so many criminals in Illinois that the police and the politicians consider everyone a suspect.

My advice to travelers is to avoid Illinois every chance they get.
Boycott Illinois. Boycott Chicago. Let the world know why you are doing it.


Crustyrusty said...

Knew quite a few ISP through the years... some of them (the older ones, mostly) are still public servants, but most are of the paramilitary school; a bunch of Ranger wannabees, JBTs who pretty much consider themselves smarter and more competent than your lowlife civilians. I could go on, but I think you get the hint.

And people wonder why I left IL.

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

I hate writing anything bad about any cops. Most are great. I find it amazing that so many are pro-gun for citizens; they deserve a special thanks. The State of Illinois just goes out the way to paint everyone as criminals. I guess the ISP troopers are just following orders... since I am a taxpayer, I believe I have a say in the matter.

Yep, you moving from Illinois is an ultimate boycott!

Take care,


Arthur B. Burnett said...

Greetings from Texas,
Someday I want to make a pilgrimage to Oshkosh, Winconsin for the EAA Fly-in. If I'm going to be that close to the Field Museum in Chicago I may have to take my chances. I really want to see U-505 if it's still there.
Saddly we are having the same problem nuisance stops here. My wife and I were pulled over because we had a tempory tag (current) on our vehicle. This happened twice fairly late at night in a month. Once comming home from a Wrtiers Guide meeting in a town about 50 miles from the Ranch. The second was when we were returning from a meeting in Austin with Producers interested in using some of our equipment on a TV pilot.
Everything was in order for both stops. I can promiss you if my wife is with me I'm not speeding. Like Zack, I am pro law enforcement but this was nothing but an excuse to shine flash lights in my face and talk tough. On both occassions we were questioned about what we were doing so far from home that late at night. One of the first survival skills I learned was not rising to bate offered by the guy with the badge and gun, so I didn't say any of the dozens of things that wouldn't have helped, fighting to get out. In both cases an excuse was found to give me a warning ticket but it was CYA minor junk.

Anonymous said...

I too respect police, most are great. However, in my opinion, as this entire comment is my opinion, the occasional bad apple, the guys who asks you if you want a ticket and then makes things up and thinks he's penalizing you. The sad part is I make more in a day what the ISP Napoleon complex makes in a week and he uses his ounce of power, what a joke. Too bad the jackass is known for his incompetence as I know troopers that know him and they say he's bad news. Don't move from Illinois, file official complaints. Once they get enough of them they have to be acted upon. The sad little man also has a civil rights case that's pending against him in Federal Court! I hope he loses his pension AND get a nice cell mate. What a disgrace to the real troopers. :)