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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Illinois Primary Election Day February 2, 2010

With all of the fat rodents running our state, Groundhog Day is an utterly fitting day for an Illinois election.

It seems that every mother’s child in Illinois is whining and crying about one thing or another. I wonder if folks are pissed off enough to do something daring and dramatic… such as voting. Even during the “historic” election year of 2008, the voting age population turnout was only around 57%. The only way for us to end corruption and waste in government is to vote the criminals out of office. Is the word “criminal” too strong of a word to describe our politicians? No, it is a very charitable word to use.

My gun-blogging will be slow for a while longer. I take elections seriously (yes, even the off-year primary elections) and it takes time and effort to sort through the candidates and their positions.


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