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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Remington 522 Viper

10 round .22 LR
Manufactured from 1993 - 1998

I may never forgive Remington for dropping the classic Nylon 66 from their product line. Their 522 Viper is unworthy of consideration as any sort of successor to the beloved Nylon 66. If you care to Google “Remington 522 Viper,” you will pull up links leading to a mix of forum comments; while some comments are favorable many are not. It was several years ago when I bought this rifle, only because a friend needed some money. At best, I find it to be suitable as a knockabout plinker; I would never willingly put my trust in it for survival. Sometimes it is a fun shooter, sometimes it is “challenging.”

Most of the Vipers that I see for sale nowadays are on the gun store bargain racks offered, “As is.” Caveat emptor, if you wind up buying an unreliable or broken 522 Viper you may be sunk. Magazines for the Viper are rare and there are (usually) no guarantees on the quality of those that you may find on the market. I have four plastic mags for my Viper and only one of them is any good. Gunsmiths should advise you that repairs on the Viper may cost you more than the market price of the gun; don’t be surprised if a gunsmith flat refuses to work on this model. If you want to try to do your own repairs, some parts are available from Numrich.

If you happen to be stuck with an inoperative Viper, you may be able to find someone online who is looking for a parts-gun. Heck, if you have no other option, some municipal “gun buy back” program may even give you between $50 and $100 for it (but you may want to forget to mention that it doesn’t work; some “buy back” programs only pay for functional guns).


Anonymous said...

If your looking to sell the magazines, I'm looking to buy them if they are still available

"Zack" said...

Thanks for the offer but I have nothing that is currently for sale.



Mike from Michigan said...

This was the first rifle I purchased. Mine has been incredibly accurate. The problem comes with the magazine. It's plastic and there is a piece that will easily sheer off making the magazine virtually useless. Mine sheered off while hunting in 15 deg. weather, I had to hold mine at a certain awkward angle for it to feed at all. I did find a steel magazine for about $40 and have been very pleased with this rifle since then. By the sounds of it, it was a manufacturing issue because some of the rifles seem to work fantastic and others fail misserably. I am willing to sell it though if anyone is interested.

Anonymous said...

Do you know were I can get scope mounts for this gun. It is a strange size and conventional mounts will not work?

dennis said...

I have one steel 10rd magazine for this gun will sell it cheap!


Tim said...

Send me your email address. I will buy it. Thanks

Chris said...

Dennis,did you ever sell your 10 rd steal magazine for the 522 viper, if not, then i definately would like to buy it,

Unknown said...

Im looking to purchase 1 or 2 working metal 10 round clips for my viper if anybody knows of any please contact me

Anonymous said...

Yes, so several have mentioned steel mags. If anyone has one they care to let go of put a price tag on it and let me know. I never knew there were steel clips available. I rather enjoy my viper and have taught both my little people how to shoot with it. I have a Simons scope mounted on it and have four plastic clips and a fifth that sheered a tab off. I will check back for a reply. Thanks.

Unknown said...

I would never recomend this gun to anyone. Clips cost more than guns worth. Buy a ruger or marlin.

MaskedMan said...

Late to the party, but what the heck... ;)

I find mine to be reliable, and dead-on, even with iron sights. I must've won the 522 lottery. :D I've taught two children to shoot with it, and though they've graduated to bigger and better weapons, the 'ol Viper still gets a workout on range days.

Anonymous said...

I bought the viper back in '93, first rifle I ever bought, paid about a hundred bucks for it. If functioned well and was accurate, and I loved it. Enlisted in the Army and sold all my stuff to move to Georgia. The local gunshop guy gave me $120 for my almost new 522, bonus! 20 years later we got the Internet and I looked to see if it was still being made, nope. I found one for 50 bucks and bought it. It has worked flawlessly to teach both my kiddos and wife how to shoot. I sorta snipered it out a little with an adjustable bipod and a big Ole Deerfield 44 scope to help with the eye relief since my wife wears glasses. She routinely hit golf balls at 100+ yards with it. My 50th anniversary 10/22 with the custom heavy bull barrel is slightly more accurate after the hundredth round, but it also cost 10 times as much. The factory plastic mags ARE the flaw on the 522. Graphite fixes the problem.

Jody said...

I want the magazines

Unknown said...

My dad bought the viper sometime in the 90's. Together, the two of us had to shoot tens of thousands of rounds through this rifle.

Today, it still shoots reliable and accurate. I can now go out back with my son almost 35 years later and shoot another ten thousand rounds and the thing just won't quit.

I have no idea why I had so much success with our viper, when so many others have had failures.

Is either half these people don't know how to use it properly or we bought one of the few that were any good.

jesus-n-all said...

2019. Still love mine. Kept it clean. Still shoots great. Never had as NY problems with it. Any ammo that did not shoot it was the ammo. Great gun.


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