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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Formerly Famous Gunwriter Dean Speir calls Time out


Big scary militiamen and their big scary guns; once again, Dean Speir takes Time Magazine to the woodshed.



Steve said...

Sorry Zack, but these militia loonies are not doing gun owners any favors. In any movement you have the fringe, and the Time article apparently describes the fringe of gun ownership. It's these folks' right to go out with their little private army and pump themselves up with machine guns and every weapon known to man, but don't expect rational people to think it's a reasonable thing or somehow good for our country. One of the side effects of their antics is to imply that all gun owners think this way, and if you tie gun ownership to these loonies then you're going to see more restrictions on gun ownership.

Dean Speir said...

You should be sorry, Steve… you've bought into the big TIME lie.

Read the article (and the Editor's "letter" in the same issue), and if you cannot see what's at work there, then I'm sure you'll be quite happy here on in with your five-shot J-frame and four-round rifle.