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Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow is what we know.


This predicted blizzard is nothing most of us have not been through before, many times over, including the record blizzard of 1967 that the local media uses as a benchmark.

I’ve gone over my checklists. In case of power failure, there is plenty of firewood, and fuel for the emergency generator. We are well stocked with food and water. The all-wheel-drive big green GMC has new tires, a full tank of fuel, and the ever-present bag of emergency supplies. I’ll be staying home unless driving is essential.

The snow blower has been tanked-up, tested, and is ready to go. Helping out others will take up most of my time.



Helene Burnett said...

My sympathies, I used to live in Wisconsin. Blessings upon you for helping folks out. I've done enough snow shoveling to last me a lifetime.
We've readied ourselves for temps below 20 and possible precipitation. Art'll drain the pipes to the porch tomorrow morning.

Generator gassed up and ready to go. Propane heater located at son's house for heat if power goes out. Out here there's "no reason or rhyme" for when we lose power. Last time the folks in a nearby town shot up the auxillary power station.Time before that it was a snake in the transformer on the pole near the house. Then there's hurricanes of course....

Added a new gadget to my blog to recommend Blogs. See yourself there! Check out my latest project for preparedness, too, if you have time.

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Hi Helene! Texas is a long throw from Wisconsin. Offhand, I'd say it was a good move.

Take care and stay warm.



Mark said...

12-20 inches called for here in Peoria. I swear, people here act like they've never driven in snow.

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Hey Mark! Thanks for stopping by; I love your blog. Illinois bass fishing and I go back a long way...

Stay warm and safe.


Arthur B. Burnett said...

Greetings from Texas,
"I swear, people here act like they've never driven in snow."

I know what you mean Mark. When living in Houston we had lots of folks from the North and North East. We used to have a couple of ice storms a year, but rain was constant. It floors me how folks expect their breaks to work on wet pavement or ice the same way they work on dry pavement in summer. And they learn the same lesson every year.