Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yard and garden journal entry 5/18/2011

The ever-short tulip season is fast winding down. Those pink tulips clustered in the center of the photo are on the property line between my backyard and a neighbor’s backyard and are among the few tulips that survive in my yard from year to year (a good size rock keeps my neighbor’s mower from these). They traditionally are the last of my tulips to bloom and should drop their petals around June 1.

I will move my potted tulips into the garage just before winter in an attempt to keep them viable for next season; the tulips and daffodils in the pots that I left out all winter long failed.

NOTE:  Top photo taken 5/18/2011, bottom photo taken 5/7/2011; the trees sure greened up in the short period of a couple of weeks.


Ruth said...

Very nice! I've never had any luck with bulbs in containers, if the squirrels don't get them then they don't bloom.

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Thanks Ruth.

I was reading that the freeze-thaw of the winter snowmelt is worse in containers for bulbs than it is for those in the ground. They recommended putting the containers in a garage or shed for the winter. I'm going to give it a try...

Ruth said...

In theory that was what I was doing. On the other hand I had no idea what I was doing, and considering our winters they probly froze solid anyway!