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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It sure would be nice if we quit calling each other stupid.


Politics is an amazing poison, it causes madness; even people who have never voted will call someone else a fool for their party affiliation. Republicans are fools; Democrats are fools; Libertarians and fools, etc. Since I have an IQ somewhere on the left side of the bell curve, it hurts me dearly when smart people act dumb. Whether they come from rough or refined backgrounds, folks should not try to win friends and influence people with ad hominem attacks and embellished facts. Try showing respect.

Now, to the guys who occasionally parade around the intersection of Routes 137 and 21 in Libertyville, Illinois, over the past 2.5 years, waving the pictures of Obama sporting a Hitler moustache or wearing a turban, I have but one question; is that the best you can do? Yeah, I am the geezer driving the green GMC van who offered you a $10 donation if you could show me a voter’s registration card. It was a safe bet for me to make; I didn’t have $10 in my wallet any more than you had a voter’s card in yours.



Anonymous said...

Dude, you are spot on.

Everything you just said. I say it too. So do lots of other people in this country.

Our President and his office, like him or not, should be respected as an office holder elected by the people. Same same with a judge. You may not personally like the person, but you respect their dedication and elected position.

President Obama may do things that some of us disagree with, but he was elected by the electorate and his office deserves our respect. That's why our country is different than every place else in the world, this respect for the process, and that's why everyone from everywhere else in the world wants to move to the USA.

Not only that, barring dishonesty or gross mis-malfeasance in office, he and his family deserve our respect and gratitude, again, whether you care for them or not personally. They've given up their lives, and like all presidents young or old, it's a job that ages you probably 3-5 years for every calender year. You lose a lot and you never get the privacy back that you once had.

And really, as you say, is that the best he can do? Ad hominem attacks merely show the idiocy of the speaker and demonstrate their low IQ. Better though, they expend their madness (or as we call it in the prosecution biz, their "off-medication time")than do something more destructive and crazy.

El Fisho

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Thanks, El Fisho. I am all for passionate debates, policy comparisons, and highlighting promises made and missed. I am all for rooting out waste and corruption. It's just that, IMHO, all sides would be better off stepping away from the venom.

NOTE: FULL DISCLOSURE: I am guilty, via this blog and via my big mouth, of occasionally blathering that all Illinois politicians are corrupt. That cannot be true; I am sure one or two of them are righteous folks ;)

Anonymous said...

American politics has become a parody of "reality TV." Insane wierdos vie for nomination and complete for the votes of an ignorant and idiotic electorate. Rational and sane voters have no logical choice, because there is no difference between the two parties. It is all a charade for tje sake of graft, corruption and power. Frustrated Americans will stay home from the polls in disgust, while our corrupt career politicians and special interest groups slurp up PAC money and continue faning the flames of chaos. The Republicans are Monty Python's Flying Circus and the Democrats are Saturday Night Live. The whole election process only serves to distract the people from the consequences serious issues which are destroying our country, such as our disastrous foreign policy, a greedy military-industrial complex, attacks on personal freedom in the name of security and controlled debt and decifit spending which will surely bankrupt our economy.

The only hope for Washington is for the alien space ship to land on the Whitehouse lawn and for Michael Rennie and his robot to repeat their ultimatim. But that won't be possible until Senator Whorehouse Harry Reid makes the USAF reveal the real truth about the EBE's imprisoned at the Area 51 complex on Groom Lake.

Libertarians and Scientologists know that it is the EBE's, not the Bilderburgers who are the ones really running the country, don't you know?

Pumice said...

I hear your basic point and accept it. My problem is that too many people call spirited debate disrespectful and angry. They seem to think that anything that disagrees with them is in that category. I tell the kids at school that respect is earned, courtesy is deserved.

One man's strong opinion is another man's arrogance.

Grace and Peace.