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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Condoleezza wherefore art thou?

The Republican Debates are quite entertaining, but I thought the idea was to field candidates who are both electable and possess enough talent to run the country if elected.  So far, I am not seeing or hearing anything that gives my wallet any hope. 


Arthur B. Burnett said...

During the last election there was a conversation at a local store. Someone asked me if I supported Obama, to which I said 'No!' Another person popped off "You just don't want a black president."
I told them "I didn't object to a black president. I didn't object to a female president. I didn't want this black president or female (Hillery) president." Then I added, "If Condoleezza Rice runs I could vote for both!"
Not only would I still vote for the lady four years later, I would work on her campain.

Helene Burnett said...

She'd have my vote , too. I have admired Ms. Rice for years.

Beware Rick Perry, my friends. His actions on "eminent domain" are suspect in regards to the fortunately deceased Trans-Texas Corridor. Problem is his gun stand is good.Wonder if there's a surgery to remove the land grabbin'gene?

Wilson said...

She seems like a very private person and probably not up for all the shenanigans required to be in politics. All the scrutiny she’s had in the past would be nothing compared to what she would go through if she won the nomination.