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Friday, February 24, 2012

The C. E. “Ed” Harris series continues with the Ruger Mini-14

CLICK HERE to read the latest, and then scroll down the page for the articles that you may have missed.  If you don’t lust for Ed’s .32 caliber “walking gun,” your soul just may need an overhaul.


Pumice said...

Thanks. I have his sight bookmarked but not followed. I don't get to him often enough to have seen this.

Grace and peace


Very cool articles. Although everyone I know says the same thing about Mini-14 accuracy, to me it's a great rifle that has far less problems than the AR-15's that I've owned. I recall one survival forum had a poll and most of the members would opt for the Mini-14 if they could only have one semi-auto .223 rifle. I've had exceptionally good luck with my ranch rifle and it shoots better than I can. And it keeps on ticking.

Loved the piece about the .32 rifle. I'd like to do that to my old H&R .410 from my childhood. I'm a big fan of the .32 acp as far as being a fun caliber to shoot. I just wish I had a machine shop and the tools and skills necessary to do this kind of mod myself. Maybe I can find someone around here that can do it for me.

Hope all is well in Illinois, friend!

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Hey there Pumice,

Yep, I too have trouble keeping up with everyone. Ed's stuff is precious; he has been at guns and online posting longer than most. He really knows his stuff.

My best to you,


James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Hey there El Fisho,

I sure hope all is well in your world. Illinois is as corrupt and bankrupt as ever :(

Ed sure does know his guns. I never get tired of reading his work.

I just knew that you would love that walking gun ;)

Take care my good friend,