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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Please CLOSE The U.S. Postal Service

For thirteen years I have lived at “1234 West HERE Ave” and for thirteen years the local post office has been mixing my mail up with “1234 West THERE Ave.”  Several times a year I get their mail and they get mine.  I have filed several complaints with the local Post Office and/or with the main USPS office. In this world of identity theft, misdirected mail is unacceptable.  If postal employees cannot read a label, get them eyeglasses or get them FIRED!

Today the resident of “1234 West THERE Ave” pulled into my driveway and handed me a LARGE PRIORITY MAIL PACKAGE addressed to me.  Good gosh almighty!  The U.S. Post Office cannot even deliver Priority Mail without screwing up!

It is time for the U.S. Postal Service to follow the path of the dinosaur. 


Ruth said...

I do all the shipping for my employer, and 99% of what we ship goes USPS. The individual people are great, the company as a whole needs serious help.

Part of the problem with mail delivery issues like you're having is that alot of routes no longer have a set delivery person. The regular guy would catch alot of those issues for us. He retired and now we get random people doing our deliveries. Now they almost never catch them. And don't get me started on the things I see watching tracking numbers for customers.....

Wilson said...

Yep, time to privatize. I can’t stand those commercials the postal workers union is running right now either!

Glenn B said...

I guarantee the USA would be a better place if the post office was either shut down as you suggest or at least went through a MAJOR overhaul in how it does business. That they cannot make a profit is what galls me the most about them. When you go to a post office and cannot find registered mail forms, or express mail envelopes, or priority mail boxes, or return receipt cards, or certified mail forms, and so on, do you know why you cannot find them? It is because the post office, in its infinite wisdom puts them out where anyone can access them and take as many as they like. Even when things like priority mail boxes are behind the counter, they will give you as many as you ask for. Boxes are not cheap, go to Staples or a similar store and price them. Yet the post office just allows them to be taken by anyone who wants them. I would love to find out how many boxes they actually give away and how many are actually used in the mail. I would bet that many more just disappear than are ever mailed.

The underlying problem is that of the workers and management of the post office, a mindset of it is the government and it has to give things away much as they give away salaries to employees who are virtually worthless. some post offices up this way in NYC have waits that make the Dept. of Motor Vehicles of years ago look like an Indy speedway and let me just say the waits at DMV back then were horrendous.

Things need to change right away and drastically or it should be shut down.