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Monday, April 16, 2012

Under the color of law or the law of color?

Recently there was a shooting in Florida that gained worldwide attention.  There has been a full spectrum of articles written containing facts, fantasies, fabrications, opinions, and theories.  The case is now in the hands of the legal system.  Perhaps the biggest complication is that the dead man cannot tell his tale and the only eyewitness is the shooter; that leaves a cavernous gap.  No decision the jury renders will surprise me, nor will any subsequent public response.  Many people, including media professionals, are writing about this event from only the angle(s) that champion their agenda(s).  It would be naïve for me to believe that it could be any other way.  As for the Florida incident being a topic for this blog, my opinion(s), my angle(s), and my agenda(s) will be forever absent because I have none.  Mercenary as it is, I am following this case only to learn from any mistakes that may have been made by the two persons involved so that I don’t someday wind up as either the defendant or the deceased.

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Well said. I am bothered that the Special Prosecutor did not submit the case for examination by a grand jury. In Florida, it appears, you can be charged with a felony without grand jury indictment. In Texas, you can arrest, jail and charge someone for a felony but they must be indicted to stand trial and must be indicted within 90 days of arrest or be let out of jail.

The physical evidence would be interesting to be aware of. The medical records of the shooter, as well as the autopsy of the deceased.

Anytime the media gets involved, everything concerned with justice goes to hell.