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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Something every survivalist should ponder

The 1957 study makes no mention of bourbon, so to play it safe post-apocalypse, you all may want to deliver samples of your hard liquor to me for testing. 


Glenn B said...

Crap, there I was writng up a neagt comment only to realize I was writing it on the news sites comment form instead of yours. It is lost to the virtual world of cyber-space forever.

In essence, I used to be a Twighlight Zone fan. I remember the one about the old gray haired geizer telling the people not to eat the canned food or drink the bottled driinks. Then along come some tough guys and they break out all that food and drink and share it with the townsfolk. All of em keel over. Seems it was all irradiated and I think that included the beer and booze. If Rod Serling guess that is what would happen, who is to say that a goobermint study would get it more right than he!

Truth be told though, if the world had been devastated by nuclear holocaust, and I survived with a few cases of good bier and some whiskey, I think I would take my chances and party hearty. If it killed me, what a way to go and if not, just party some more later on. Now as for me, I would prefer single malt, triple distilled Irish over Bourbon but sure would not be all that particular about it in that situation.

All the best,

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Years ago this area was considered a target "blast zone" so it probably still is. Unless I relocate before the event, I doubt that I will have enough time to light up a good cigar.

If I do manage to head out, a friend of mine in Minnesota brews his own beer so I guess that's the direction I will head :)

Pumice said...

I know I am out of the mainstream but from what little I have tasted I question that beer is drinkable before it is exposed to radiation. The thought of drinking something that is the product of decomposition makes as much sense as eating liver which has the role of filtering out toxins from the blood.

But then I have been known to enjoy sausage.

Where is logic and consistency when you need them.

Grace and peace.

Glenn B said...

From what I have heard just recently, which I sort of knew anywa, living only about 23 miles from midtown Manhattan, we are in a definite kill zone. Unless of course they aim worse me with my eyes closed after spinning round in circles for a few minutes.


I can't seem to leave a comment on your two newer posts.

Me, I'd be grateful for whatever I had in terms of adult beverages in the event of a, er, event.

I doubt I'd have time to light a cigar either. But if I'd did, I'd like to have a bottle of Jack black. I'm a simple man.