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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review of the PHILIPS 800 Lumens, 12.5w (60w) LED “Light Bulb”

With an advertised 22.8-year life expectancy (at 3-hours per day), this “light bulb” might just last longer than I will.  However, I have been using CFL lamps for many years and can testify that their advertised life expectancy and the empirical were vastly different.  To say the least, I am just a bit skeptical of the hype about LED life expectancy.  I did notice quite a savings in energy cost over the years by switching from incandescent bulbs to CFLs and I am optimistic that the LEDs will prove equal in that respect. 

At a sale price of $14.97, I decided to try only one LED.  It first went into a kitchen ceiling fixture but my wife did not like the color of the light it produced; she and I both prefer the color of the light from the “daylight” CFL lamps.  This LED emits a light that has the same sepia “soft white” hue that you would expect from a normal incandescent bulb or a normal spectrum CFL lamp.  Therefore, I moved the LED into the vanity fixture in the downstairs bathroom where we are not so discriminating.

I may hold off buying any more LED “bulbs” for household lighting until the technology can (hopefully) bring down the price a bit more and produce a color of light that is a bit more cheery. 


Glenn B said...

I casn say these few things about LED 'bulbs': I have used flashlights with them and the loight is very bright and very white, they seem almost indestructable in a flashlight (when I have dropped them or otherwise banged them against something they have never broken like a conventional bulb), they last much longer than regular biulbs, they do not contain mercury like CFL bulbs - as far as I am aware. I did not know they made LED bulbs for home lighting. Whefre did you get yours? I am very likely to buy some, especially if they do not contain mercury and if not made in China.

All the best,

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Hey there Glenn,

I believe that all the household LEDs and CFLs are made in China. The LEDs are supposed to be mercury free.

I recently did buy a pair of Elzetta LED flashlights that are 100% American made from 100% American components. One is now mounted on a Mossberg 590 pump gun and the other I keep handy for utility work.

Take care