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Monday, January 7, 2013

HP Pavilion g7-2217cl with Windows 8 and IE-10 NOT RECOMMENDED

While it works okay via an Ethernet cable to the router, the Wi-Fi just plain sucks.  Sometimes it connects, most of the time it fails.  On the rare occasions that it does connect, more often than not it loses the Internet connection or moves slower than a 300-baud modem.

I’ve worked on Microsoft products since the beginning; I am not a novice.  I’ve owned more PC and laptop brands than I care to remember.  I updated every piece of software (and drivers) and I’ve run every diagnostic.  I’ve Googled the web for answers and all I find is a large group of people with the same problem(s) and no fix.  This has been a big waste of time and money.  Bill Gates should go out, purchase a few of these laptops, and see for himself what a wonderful piece of crap Windows 8 truly is.

In case you are wondering, my wife’s old Toshiba (with the broken hinges) on Windows 7 still works fine on the Wi-Fi, as does my MacBook Pro.  Something is hinky in Windows 8 and my best advice is to avoid it as you would a syphilitic blind date.

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