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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Is there a run on .25 ACP ammo?

The Fishing Musician sees some evidence of it.  A run would not surprise me any.  THIS POST is the second most popular one here at this humble blog for last week, and the third most popular for all time.  For whatever their reason(s), many people still make this minimal caliber their choice.  Pistols chambered for the .25 ACP were targeted during the Gun Control Act of 1968 and it would not surprise me to see the .25 ACP again demonized in pending legislation.


Glenn B said...

I love te Beretta Jetfire, had 4 or 5 of them over the years.

As for the .25 Auto ammo, it would not surprise me in the least if it too is selling like hotcakes; almost everything else is going fast.

Happy New Year,

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Happy New Year Glenn!