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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Again with the long boot time for my MacBook Pro OS X Mountain Lion

It’s all pretty much the same as I reported the last time (near two months ago); the fix was to reinstall OS X, only this time I did it via the recovery screen.  It has been suggested by many that my 16-month-old hard drive is failing, but it continues to pass all the tests that I have available.  There has been no sudden program crashes or data loss; the only symptom is the boot time.  I’m learning more about OS X and my MacBook Pro than I ever wanted to.

The last time, I waited until the time between the start-chime and the log-on screen degraded to over 8.5 minutes; this time I restored the OS when the boot time grew (suddenly) to 3.5 minutes.

This is a “vanilla” MacBook Pro with righteous OS and software updates and has no exotic software installed.  Further, I don’t drop into Unix to play around with things.  I suppose that if the drive doesn’t fail before then, I’ll have it replaced and the rest of the box tested when the battery needs to be replaced by an authorized tech.  I don’t regret buying the MacBook Pro, but only because I have my wife’s new Windows 8 HP system to show me how bad things can really be.  After 30-years of messing with computers, there is little fun left in it for me. 

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