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Friday, April 19, 2013

Losers without a clue

The bombings were nothing more than mass murder of innocents to feed the egos of two losers.  I don’t give a rat’s damn about their culture, their religion, or their politics.  They were not warriors.  They were two punks.  They were two cowards.  They were two twisted misfit losers.

There someday will be a Boston Marathon when some of the amputee victims of the bombing will show what winners are made of when they cross the finish line on prosthetic limbs and wheelchairs.  They will prove that terror does not work, that it makes us stronger and more courageous.


Glenn B said...

I think you should care about their religion, we all should. Regardless of what their uncle says, their religious beliefs were almost definitely their motive for the bombing. Islam is full of losers, it attracts losers, it empowers losers, it promises losers great rewards - all in its own name so long as the followers of it, the losers, either convert or destroy non-believers.

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

I disagree. Losers are losers. Sadly, losers taint all they touch. They are killers looking for a cause. They cannot make their mark in this world without killing, and they fail to be honest enough with themselves to admit that they simply want to "do something big" and are too impotent to find any other way.

I am an original homeowner in what has become a very mixed neighborhood. New and prospective homeowners sometimes ask "How are the neighbors?" I answer "Fine, except for that one crazy redneck." After their faces turn to anguish from buyers remorse, I grin and add "That be me."

Thanks for your input Glenn. I know that our views may differ, but we will always stand together.



Pumice said...

I would agree with Glenn in the sense that what people believe does matter but I think your last comment is the most important. If we cringe and accuse we give in to what these people want. I remember the words, "All we have to fear is fear itself." That should be our motto in the face of terrorism.

Grace and peace