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Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Taxman Cometh (and taketh what little is left) 2014

Aside from our ever-corrupt self-serving politicians (and those who win their favor), only government employees and contractors can get away with not paying their taxes.  Imaginably the IRS feels it is incestuous to screw those in government.

I got my federal income taxes done on the cold dark side of Friday morning.  I was a tad light on my withholdings last year and had to write the insatiable Uncle Sam a supplemental check for $773.  On top of that, Guido, my bargain basement accountant charged me $140 to do his “numbers magic.” I feel that amount to be a bit much for a guy who only takes appointments for after midnight and whose office is a limousine parked at a Cook County off-grid strip joint.

Anyhow, tax time is officially over for me this year; it feels good to be free of that.

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