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Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Combat Magnum "back to basics" shooting range session

(For those wondering how big the red portions of the targets are, they measures 6-inches across.)

This practice session format was the same as it was for the previous session; same target style, same distances, same number of rounds, all fired double action, only this time with a centerfire revolver having decidedly better grips (aka stocks) to fill my hand.  Have I mentioned before that I really like this handgun?

ABOVE: The first cylinder full of the session was Federal . 38 Special +P 158-grain lead semi wadcutter hollow points, which is my preferred self-defense load for this revolver.

ABOVE: This cylinder full (and both that followed at 21-feet) contained my preferred .38 Special practice load, the standard pressure American Eagle 130-grain full metal jacket ball.  

ABOVE: On the first of the targets at 30-feet, five of the holes are from Federal .357 magnum 110-grain semi-jacketed hollow points (that's all the magnums I had with me; I messed up when packing my range bag for this session).  I used a Federal +P .38 special 158-grain lead semi-wadcutter hollow point to fill out the cylinder.  The recoil from the magnums was noticeable (but not punishing by any measure) and produced more muzzle flip (as one would expect) than the .38 Special loads; the magnums were noticeably louder and there was a noticeable flash of flame from each (that's a good sign; if I see flame, that means I am not flinching).  As a rule, I use magnums sparingly with this revolver; IMHO, and in the lettered opinion of others, it is not "magnum durable," and critical replacement parts are scarce.

The final target at 30-feet was again a cylinder full of the American Eagle 130-grain ball.


I am trying to squeeze the trigger as soon as I reacquire the front sight on the target.  Maybe it is too soon for me to be trying to work up to rapid-fire.  I also noticed that my grip was shifting a bit after the first three rounds and I wasn't stopping to readjust.  

I need more practice.

Practice is fun.

It is fantastic to have an indoor shooting range 8-minutes from my front door.

Life can be good.

Seriously, life can be very good; this is the lobby area / viewing room of the indoor shooting range that I frequent.  Yeah, it is surprising that they let a lowlife like me into such a classy joint.


Jason said...

Nice wheelgun! That looks like a great range too and a nice place to hang out!

James Zachary said...

Too classy for me to just hang around. I usually just lay out the fee for a half-hour, blam blam thanks ma'am and head on back home.

Great to see ya around again.