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Ante omnia armari.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

What will Super-Artificial-Intelligence decide about religion?

"Howdy Parson, welcome to HELL!" (Lee Marvin as Ben Rumson, in the movie "Paint Your Wagon")

Only a very few believe that Super Artificial Intelligence will NOT happen.  For the most part the discussion has shifted from "if" to "when," and how scientists and politicians plan to bottle it up.

Where does religion fit in with Super AI? 

Will science try and shield Super AI from all flavors of religion?  What happens if the Super AI declares itself to be God and decides to purge wickedness from the earth?  How will a godlike Super AI define "wickedness?"

What happens if Super AI proves, without any doubt, that there IS or IS NOT a God?

Are all y'all ready for this stuff?

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Pumice said...

No matter how "super" the AI becomes it will still have been programmed with certain assumptions. I do assume that science will continue to advance but scientists have never been strong on the ethical implications of their discoveries. For instance, if Scotty is ever able to beam me up what will keep him from making a copy? Which one will be the real me? If a soul is involved, will either be me?

Stay tuned.

I still believe that computers are stupid and only have memory and speed on their side.

Grace and peace