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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I recently doubled the size of my AR-15 collection

Now that I have a nearby indoor shooting range designed to handle the 5.56x45mm Nato load, I am back to owning two models of the AR-15.  I've had the Blue Label Colt HBAR Match Sporter since circa 1993.  The one AR-15 I ever regretted selling was a Colt SP1 Carbine; I found that I like the above civilian M4 style carbine far more than I ever did the SP1 Carbine, so my universe is back in balance.

Will I be buying any more AR-15 models?  I doubt it, but it is always best for me to never say never.

In the photo above, the six-position telescoping shoulder stock on my new carbine is shown all the way in, creating a very compact package for smaller shooters (as well as for easy carry and storage).

The Sporter has a 20'' barrel; the m4 style carbine has a 16'' barrel.  As the photo above shows, when the carbine's telescoping stock is fully extended the only difference in length between the two rifles are the barrel lengths.

       The shoulder thingie goes OUT                                                The shoulder thingie goes IN

While many gun control folks find the collapsible (aka telescoping) shoulder stock very sinister and scary (and worthy of being banned), the feature is far more practical than it is tactical.  One size of rifle does not readily fit all of the possible sizes and shapes of the shooters.  

The recent Obama decision to ban some popular sporting ammo created yet another frantic run on guns and ammo.  My gosh, that man's anti-gun policies have pushed more guns and ammo into civilian hands than the NRA could ever dream of doing.  Well done POTUS!  Anyway, there is now a fresh shortage of Colt civilian m4 style carbines, so I had to piece this one together (which also saved me a decent wad of cash).  I purchased the AM-TAC Complete Mil Spec Lower Assembly separate from my purchase of the Complete Colt LE6920 SOCOM Carbine Upper Assembly.  Two push pins joined everything up nice and cozy.

I even splurged on a new compartmentalized case that allows me to carry both of my AR-15s and plenty of standard capacity 30-round mags to the range for when I manage to get Steve and Dave there at the same time for an afternoon of carefree blasting.

On rare occasions I will do some fast-blasting using the standard capacity AR-15 30-round-magazines; it is darn good entertainment but I am too cheap to make a habit out of it.  During most of my range time I stick with S L O W fire using the lower profile old style 20-round-magazines.  The mags in the above photos are actually Colt's old factory 5-round politically correct mags (permanently reduced-capacity 20-rounders) from the early 1990s.



Congrats, my brother! Can't have too many AR's. And of course, Zach is always choosing those quality and enviable firearms.

Take care!


No really, it's true. A noted physicist and statistics expert did all kinds of calculations and figuring and ciphering and decided that Yes Virginia, it is IMPOSSIBLE to own too many AR-15's.


And let me leave yet another observation. As we've both noted and observed on numerous occasions, we have the same taste in guns. Yes, I too have a Colt like yours with the old school stock and handle, although mine is the entry level model and not the Match. Otherwise, identical.

And let me add that that's why I LOURVE the Savage 24 in .223/20 you found for me. It's the perfect companion for either of these in a sporting or survival situation. As you may recall, it had a scope and was shooting right on the money after a good dusting a cleaning. I always figure if I'm out in the sticks and for some reason the AR fails, I've got the Savage that can at least fire the same ammo.

So thanks again, Zach!

Great taste in guns, my man!

James Zachary said...

I'm just a pretender, Greg. You are among those possessing real credentials.

To be real honest, I kinda figured I had better get that carbine before our politicians figured out some executive action to ban the sale of them. Besides, I probably should be selling off my collection instead of adding to it. I guess it is hard for me to let go. If the local range would have been pistol-caliber only, it would have been a waste of money for me.

I just never could figure out why people are so phobic about the AR-15; quite a few of them have been showing up at the local range lately; I take that as a good sign.

Take care, man!