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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Disgusting LOSER is found GUILTY by Jury!

Boston Marathon mass murderer found guilty.

His "my big brother made me do it" defense did not work.


Pumice said...

I would support the death penalty on this one.

Grace and peace.


It would have been a death penalty case had it happened here in my dear Texas, my friend!

Prayers for the victims and their families. Unfortunately, the killer in some ways gets more civil rights than the victim/survivors/family/friends and indeed, the traumatized general public like us.

We as taxpayers will pay for this killer's living expenses until he dies, as well as his lawyers who will file appeal and writ and so on for infinity.

To me, this crime is murder as well as high treason. He is an enemy combatant. Wouldn't that subject him to military jurisdiction and firing squad? This killer is living here, enjoying the benefits of this country, and yet kills and maims those who have nothing to do with his so-called cause. Shot by a firing squad would prevent all the issues existing with the injection method.

Our Federal reps need to implement the DP for all terrorism related offenses like these, with punishment phase carried out by the military courts after conviction in civilian federal district court. Doesn't matter if they are IS, ISIS, AQ, Army of One, ect. They are a terrorist....One appeal, directly to the Supreme Court, then implementation in a prompt manner.