Sunday, September 20, 2015

Another project for this year is complete. After many years, we can again park a car inside the garage.

That photo of the snow covered Chevy Cobalt is from the 2015 Super Bowl Sunday Blizzard.   I made a promise then that I would clear enough crap out of the garage so we could park at least one car inside before the next winter.  Not all of the crap in the garage was ours.  Some was storage for an evicted next-door neighbor (from 4-years-ago), some was from my Daughter's family when they moved to a new house that has no garage or basement.  Most of the crap, however, was mine.  It took some doing, but I got it done.  When will our two car garage again fit two cars?  Ahem, well, that will take further effort and engineering.   Perhaps I can have it done by the end of next year.


Ruth said...

Yay! We got lucky with our house, not only a very large single car garage, but also a carport. So both cars can get under cover, and we still have room to tuck the riding lawn mower and other stuff into the garage. Husband commented, after our first winter in the house, that he never ever wanted to have to park in the drive during the winter again, it was totally worth it to park under cover!

James Zachary said...

Hey there Ruth!

Heh! You all get winter storms that normally are much meaner than the ones we get over this way. For the most part, it is no big deal over in far NE Illinois to live all winter with the cars outside, but as I get older I miss the luxury of having a snow-free vehicle in the morning.

Take care!