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Thursday, December 31, 2015

How many people shot during 2015 near where you live?

According to the interactive map located HERE, during 2015, 4 people were shot within a 5-mile radius of my domicile during the past year, 2 fatal and non-fatal. The closest shooting was 3.22 miles away.

This 400-pound dude was allegedly one of the offenders.  He allegedly murdered his estranged wife and had the Lake County Major Crimes Task Farce (not a typo) chasing ghosts all over northern Illinois.  Many hours after the task farce members went home, King Kong turned himself in at the police station a mile down the street from where I live, at the time when my wife and I drove by the station on the way home from dinner.


Sarthurk said...

Well this database is bullshit. The only one shot within 5 miles of my home, is something I already know about. A cop shot a transient with knives and a hammer, who wouldn't comply, after tasers were deployed multiple times with no effect. He then headed for a school bus with children in it. Bam Bam. Leg and hip wounds. They stopped him. They didn't kill him. Sheesh!

Doug Rink said...

Violent crime often happens closer to home, or closer to their daily routine routes, than most people realize. I can think of several shootings that have taken place at gas stations were I've filled up less than 24 hours earlier. A few years back, a major narco-mule was pulled over and apprehended outside the supermarket we use most often. There's been one murder and at least one attempted carjacking in another shopping center just two miles from my home. And yes, I supposedly live in a "good" area covered by sound, well staffed police departments.

Glenn B said...

Nice to see there was only one accidental shooting at the local county rifle range. Then again, not nice to know that someone was stupid enough to crank of one negligently at the range but I guess stuff happens.