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Monday, February 8, 2016

More than the amount of time spent in the classroom, more than the expense of the course, more than the online application process, and more than the high fee charged by the state, my impression is that the Illinois Concealed Carry live fire qualification range session is what intimidates folks the most.

What exactly are the Illinois live fire requirements for getting a concealed carry license?

Illinois requires a live fire qualification with a concealable firearm consisting of minimum of 30-rounds which must include 10-rounds from a distance of 5-yards, 10-rounds from a distance of 7-yards, and 10-rounds from a distance of 10-yards, all at a B-27 silhouette target approved by the Illinois State Police.

70% of the 30-rounds (21-rounds) must be in the scoring rings of the target.  In order to be scored as a hit, the round must break through the target within the scoring rings.  This includes any portion of the round touching a scoring ring.  Any round outside the outermost scoring ring will be counted as a miss even if it is within the silhouette picture. 

IMHO, Illinois anti-gun politicians have made getting a concealed carry license as difficult and as expensive as they politically could in order to keep the number of issued licenses to a minimum.   They say it is a public safety issue.  I say it is crap.  I am NOT convinced that a live fire session is needed to "qualify" for the right to carry a gun.  That said, I can see where using the above requirements, as a voluntary "personal standard," would be a benefit for me.  However, if some 100-year-old lady can only hit a man size target from kissing distance out to just beyond the length of her arm, and she can only manage to fire 1-round from her Seecamp .32 or her .22 caliber Ruger LCR before her arthritis cripples her trigger finger and her grip, I say God Bless Great Great Granny and her gun; she has the same rights as everyone else does.  Those with infirmities need protection more than the abled.  Give Granny her concealed carry license!  CLICK HERE for some fresh news on PERMITLESS CONCEALED CARRY.  BRAVO!
CLICK HERE and then CLICK on over to HERE to read some concerns regarding concealed carry licenses being issued by states that do not require a live fire qualification.  Well, to me it is unclear why this is any concern.  I have not seen any studies that provide conclusive any evidence that Illinois concealed carry license holders, by virtue of them having a live fire requisite for a concealed carry license, are safer to be around, or are more effective in a gunfight, than are the concealed carrying gunslingers from the states that do not require a live fire session.  

Please considere joining / donating to the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA).  For now, the Illinois Concealed Carry requirements are what they are.  If you want a Concealed Carry License, you have to play by the State of Illinois rules.  If you don't like the rules, you can help by working within the political system to change them; the Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day (IGOLD) is a great way to add your voice to the process.  For now, don't let the requisite live fire session intimidate you; you can do it.  Don't be self conscious; some folks will shoot better than you and you will find that you shoot better than others.  Practice does bring improvement.  Most of all, shooting is fun!  Enjoy the adventure.

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