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Ante omnia armari.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Why in all of bloody hell was this teacher suspended? "Black Lives Matter" seems to be playing a game with a deck stacked with mostly counterfeit race cards.

You can find the STORY HERE!


Anonymous said...

Why? Because the supt found it much more preferable to avoid the coming argument if she did not capitulate to the racists. If she had done less than that, she would have found herself the target of Black Lies which then would have necessitated the involvement of her superiors. And they would likely succumb to the same BS lies no matter how fictitious with her blacklisted and out on the street.

This is yet another prime example that one's level of formal education, they act like boobs as they cater to specious argument if spoken loudly and with semi-veiled theat. The great problem of that is every time they give in, they only strengthen the resolve of the enimies of civility.

BTW: the article mentions only 'suspended' and 'administrative leave'. Do those terms connote a firing?

Lisa Lane said...

I have not read the story yet....I am going there next, but I am of the opinion, yes I know about those...but that being said....I find that if the "race card" is ever being played....and you don't realize the deck is already may not be playing with a full one. Just saying.

Lisa Lane said...

Yup, more of that Black Lives Matter trash. Should be a Crime...a Hate Crime. If it were the other way around, it would be. I know I should keep my opinions to myself. One day, I may.
: )