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Saturday, April 30, 2016

IMHO that magazine isn't exactly Cheaper Than Dirt.

CLICK HERE for the original link.  BUY ONE NOW!  They won't last long at that price!

Heh!  Actually they have many models of Mec-Gar brand magazines listed for over ten-thousand dollars each!

I just went back to their site and sent them an email notifying them of the problems.

I have many pages of similar screenshots but I figure that posting just one of them qualifies as a Fair Use newsworthy public service; posting all of them is just plain being mean.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I buy LOTS of stuff from CTD and have for many years.

5/3/2016 EDIT:  CTD has all their pricing fixed, the above links (if they are still active as this post gets older) will go to normally priced products.


Glenn B said...

And there I was, a few years back, thinking they were price gouging when they charged about 1.5 times that of anyone else for 5.56x45mm ammo.

James Zachary said...

HEH! Yeah, this would be considered price gouging on steroids! Dirt must be very expensive nowadays.

Like I said, I sent them an email. It is still not fixed. A couple of dozen or more models of Mec-Gar brand mags are mal-listed. My guess is that nobody with any authority will see my email until Monday.

Wilson said...

Only the newest of newbies shop CTD. It usually doesn't take them long to find better places to spend their money.