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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Far-out, man! This Italian pot is primo! It came in via Atlanta.

Here, you can see for yourself that the pot is from Italy.

I never woulda thunk that terra cotta pots would be coming in to the USA from Italy.

Honestly, for some reason I found that to be uber cool.

My usual snail's pace of bloggin' will be even snailier 'cause I be busy patio surfin'.



Lisa Lane said...

I would have never taken you for a "pot head"....LOL

James Zachary said...

Heh. Well, flower POTs, yeah, I am a heavy user; otherwise, I am just on old square who survived from the fifties until now without even bothering to try a single puff of the Obama and Bill Clinton type of pot.

After decades of tobacco and demon alcohol, I went into abstinence some years ago. Should I live until I am 80-years-old, I will resume my cigar and bourbon indulgences. Should I be unable to voluntarily resume smoking and boozing at that age, I have a medical directive that orders my family to forcibly administer the aforementioned.

*NOTE: My wife and I may do a trip to Cuba in a couple of years. If that comes about, I permit myself to fall off the wagon and indulge in copious quantities of Cuban Rum and Cuban Cigars; it would be rude for me to do otherwise.

Lisa Lane said...

It sounds to me like you have the right idea. I too have given up tobacco. I was never a drinker, so I will on occasion have a couple..Until about months ago I had not had a drink in years...I will just let that speak for itself.

I cannot lay claim to never having imbibed of the green leaf...but I have also given that up. I determined my mind is better utilized free of it, my heart an soul speak more clearly in conjunction that way.

I look forward to hearing about your trip with the Mrs. to Cuba, and your enjoyment of a good Cubano, and Rum!