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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Quick reviews of the Ken Null Model UNS IWB Holster for the Glock 19 and the Ken Null Model CBT Gun Belt

Ken Null has been recuperating from two recent major surgeries.  Understandably, Ken is running a bit behind on his orders.  My latest order was called in on June 10 and everything arrived here on July 18 (thank you Brenda and Ken!).   That's just a day or so over 5-weeks, which is still pretty darn quick when compared to the delivery times estimated by many of the other top holster makers.  For many years Ken has spoiled us by shipping most orders within a week or so.

Please join me in wishing Ken a speedy and complete recovery.

I really did not want to buy any more holsters, but the notable IWB holster that I thought would be my G19 Gen4 forever-and-ever carry gets progressively uncomfortable (for me) after around 4-hours of wear during an active day.  That same holster is darn comfy for around 8-hours of wear during a day of leisure, but I desire something that is relatively comfortable (or at least tolerable) for no less than 12-hours, regardless of my level of activity.

I own two other Ken Null Model UNS holsters and both have repeatedly proven great for long, heavy days.  My first UNS was purchased for my Glock 43 and the second UNS was purchased for my Glock 26.  Will the UNS for my G19 prove itself as well?  We shall see; the G19 is a bit of a different animal for IWB carry than either the G43 or G26.  In any case, initial trials were favorable;  after wearing the G19 UNS for a few consecutive days that had over 12-hours of activity each I am optimistic that it is what I am looking for (all days were HOT and humid with one of those days touching 100F).  So far, I am very happy with this holster;  it is comfortable, concealable, and secure.  Let's see how it works out for me through the balance of this summer and then during the fall and winter months.

Why did I get a new gun belt?  My other gun belts are too old and gnarly looking to go well with a suit and tie, so I decided on Ken's Model CBT as my new dual purpose dress belt / gun belt.

Below is the full Model CBT product description copied from the Ken Null website.

This highly specialized belt meets all the requirements that I strongly believe to be necessary in a belt that is to be worn with a holster. The CBT is constructed with a full face lining of dense high-quality leather laminated and lock stitched with durable nylon thread creating a sturdy belt with minimal lateral flex.

It is designed to perfectly fit your holster, guaranteeing a no slip, no drag body hugging carry.

To complete and compliment this fine *1.5 inch (38.1mm) belt, we provide it with a solid silicone brass buckle of our own NULL copyright design. It is engineered with rear flanged edges to maintain the buckle in a position parallel with the belt for a sturdy, neat appearance. It also has no visible means of fastening to mar its graceful lines, but relies on a hidden fastening tang which is contoured to engage the belt more securely as increased tension is applied. Although it was conceived as a highly specialized piece of equipment, this unique ensemble is inherent of the beauty of being able to function as a dress item at all times.

With a refined masculine ruggedness, the classic form of this handsome buckle silently speaks to discriminating professionals worldwide of a fraternal kinship, and the fact that the wearer appreciates, demands and wears the world’s finest holsters and accessories. To the unknowing, it reflects only the wearer’s good taste in dress, thus your secret remains secure.

Be reminded that a quality holster will not function properly on an inferior belt, and an inferior holster will not function . . . period! ! !

*Each buckle is individually hand cast using the time honoured lost wax process. It is then patiently ground to exact contours and meticulously polished to a flawless luster, one at a time, the right way!

DISCLAIMER: As always at this blog site, this product review is simply a good old-fashioned campfire chat; this is not an opinion on what I feel you should or should not purchase or what you should be using.  What does or does not work for me could be many country miles away from your tastes and needs.  All products that I review for this blog are purchased at retail price by me.  I do not accept payment, gifts, discounts, "freebies," products on loan, demon alcohol, drugs, probation, parole, Presidential Pardons, or sexual favors for doing any review.  

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