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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I conclude that God is not very fond of us.

Perhaps we should petition The Almighty for another alternative ...

Gravitas.  Amen.

SMILE ALERT!  Lisa has offererd the following rebuttals to my cynicisms.

I stand corrected and do hereby humbly recall my EOTW petition to The Almighty ... with my apologies.


Lisa Lane said...

I kind of like where this is headed! LOL

Lisa Lane said...

Ok, I have given this some more thought....your title...well I have to address it...LOL
No offense ok...Please take this in the manner it is offered...with a huge smile and love in my heart!


It must be those bad people out's NOT me! Just sayin'....LOL
I hope you have a wonderful day! ; P

Lisa Lane said... are a doll! I was teasing you with my seriousness. ; P

Anonymous said...

"Jetzt will ich wirklich wissen, auf welcher Seite der lieber Gott steht."

Lisa Lane said...

Roughly translated..."Now I'd really like to know what side God is on!"...or so Google tells me. From the movie, The Longest Day...I must go watch it, to see the connection.