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Monday, October 17, 2016

Something you can do for a Man ...

I am not referring to an ordinary adult male of the human species, I am talking about a Man.  There is a difference between being a male and a Man, as there is between being a Mom and a mother, as there is between being a Dad and a father.  It takes a special heart and soul to be a Man; it takes a special heart and soul to be a Mom, as it takes a special heart and soul to be a Dad.

This Man is also a Dad.  This Man was not just a biological relationship to his Mom, this Man was a Son.

This Man has suffered through some hard losses recently, losses that likely will change him forever, regardless of his knowing so; regardless of his wishes.  Some memories may fill his heart with sunshine and give him the power of Thor while other memories may attempt to destroy him ... or settle for occasionally crushing him into a pulp of shuddering tears.   This Man likely will not be offered any choice as to one type of memory or another,  or where and when they will visit.

This honorable Man has but one request ... something for us to consider ...

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ASM826 said...

Damn, James. That's a heck of a tribute. I'm guessing you have some personal experience with loss yourself.