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Monday, October 3, 2016

The FBI allowed WHO to destroy WHAT? WHY?

Seriously, that is most peculiar.

Heh.  It is becoming difficult to scoff at allegations that the Democratic Party has grown to become the most powerful crime syndicate in all of history.   I wonder; is Hillary referred to as "The Godmother?"


Well ... perhaps ...


Pumice said...

This kind of stuff goes back to Jefferson and the original Democrat-Republican party which is the ancestor of today's Democrats. In my intellect I know that both sides are guilty but there seems to be a difference in both quantity and quality.

Grace and peace.

Doug Rink said...

Today's FBI. That new logo you show is sadly all too accurate.

James Zachary said...

Hey there Doug,

Yeah, I wish that I had the talent to come up with that on my own but I decided it best to just emulate the tactics of the *Party of the Democrats and just steal it for use it without attribution.

*Ain't nothing democratic going on inside that syndicate