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Friday, March 24, 2017

Yard and Garden Journal 3/24/2017: our first daffodil of this season ...

We had buds far too early;  a recent heavy snow laid most of the longer stems flat on the ground, causing many of them to weaken or break.  Still, any bloom this time of year is a win.    

Currently, it is 73F outside here in far northeastern Illinois.  


Ruth said...


All my bulbs were a couple inches out of the ground, then we got a huge freeze and 3ft of snow. And its still there. Just hoping they all survived......

"Zack" said...

Yeah, I hear ya. The freeze / thaw / refreeze cycles took out many of our shallow bulbs too; and our winters are nowhere near as tough as yours.

Happy spring!

Doug Rink said...

I think our daffodils had about run their course before we got our last unexpected hard freeze here in the north Georgia mountains. Trees are now starting to buzz, but the old timers will warn "dogwood winter" or "blackberry winter" may deliver another couple of frosts before planting season begins in earnest.

"Zack" said...

... hmmmmm ... maybe wife and I should pack up and head down south ... Georgia sounds just fine.

Take care, Doug.