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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Self-defense in Great Britain is now down to to Run! Hide! Tell!

Great Britain is governed by elitist FOOLS! Restore the RIGHT of SELF-DEFENSE to your people, and stop trying to spread your insanity internationally. CLICK on the target below and read some wisdom from 2015.


Anonymous said...

Hi Zack
I'm not running anywhere - too old too slow. Might be able to fight them off with my phone or my car keys as I'm not allowed to carry a decent knife!

Looks like we don't even have a functioning government at the moment. What a state this place is in.

All the best

"Zack" said...

Hey there JonT, I've been thinking about you.

Ya know, until recently there was not a whole lot of difference between Illinois and Great Britain. Illinois knife laws are very restrictive. Although we can now get licensed to carry handguns, carrying ANY type of knife for the purpose of self-defense is prohibited. If law enforcement asks about ANY type of knife in a citizens possession, the absolute wrong answer is "for protection." Say it is a letter opener, for fishing, for opening boxes, or in case you suddenly might need to field dress a roadkill, but NEVER say it is for protection. We have limits on blade length and designs. My pocket knife is a small, basic model Swiss Army knife because it is the most court defensible knife around these parts.

It's a crazy all over this world, over by you and over here by us. Just a day or so ago I was reading that Great Britain does not even allow pepper spray for self-defense; it was the one thing Illinois allowed for self-defense until concealed carry of handguns became legal.

Hang in there man.

Best wishes (and prayers),