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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

FBI Releases Photos of Anthony Weiner Holding His Weiner

 See ya in a couple of years, Asshole.


Pumice said...

When I clicked on your site I got a warning from Google that you might have inappropriate content. I don't know if it is these pictures or just your general attitude but congratulations. You are not on the Google radar. If you disappear, we will understand.

Grace and peace.

David Drake said...

I hope he makes lots of "friends" in prison :)

Hey, what's up with the adult content warning page? Did the GOOGLE slap that up? I certainly don't think your site is in need of an adult content warning page. Is this a new tactic for Goog in suppressing content they don't approve of ???

"Zack" said...

The "Adult" flag has always been an option on Blogger. Frankly, I think it is silly, which is pretty much why I decided to activate it.

I'm curious if the implied "forbidden fruit" that such a flag carries will increase, decrease, or make no difference whatsoever in visitor traffic.

Google slapped me with two warnings back in February but they mostly dealt with my postings on Google+ so I disconnected this blog from Google+.

Hey, thank you for your concerns! I appreciate ya!

David Drake said...

I'd seen that in blogger options yeah. But hadn't encountered it on your site til just the other day, so that's why I wondered. I've never had Google warn me on anything, and if there was content that could have warranted a warning, it was at my old site. Never heard a thing. Nothing profane or nudity. I'd pho-shopped Malia and Sasha faces into a prom picture I found on the net of two pregnant girls standing next to each other. And the dress, from the boobs down to the belly, the dress had no material - just their exposed pregnant stomachs. Some liberal blogs ragged on me, a lot, but never heard from the Gulag. Another time, when the Left was obsessed with the Palin daughter's baby bump, there just happened to be a photo I found of the Obama's, and Sasha's shirt must have caught a whif of wind, and her shirt was kind of puffed out just a tiny bit. So I ran the image asking if Sasha had a baby bump. Lib blogs came after me on that too, but not Gulag.

I should probably run them again as a post titled "Oh, now I remember why the Left was pissed at me".....

Take care Zack.