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Monday, October 30, 2017

We took her to the veterinarian early this afternoon fully expecting that she would not be coming back home.

She is a shelter rescue that has been with us for 18-years.  As near as we can figure, "Coyote" is 21-years and 8-months old although she does prefer that we simply refer to her age as "Forever 21."  Thinking that perhaps this would be among her final moments here at home, I took the above photo; that caption was added after we returned home with her.  The tough old girl again defied our fears and dried our tears.  This cat is living on love.  

My Daughter told me a while back that my teen Granddaughter predicted, "Coyote will outlive Grandpa!"  



Comrade Misfit said...

It's gotten dusty in here all of a sudden....

Anonymous said...

Hi Zack
Good news she hasn't used all 9!
My 11 year old Tiger-Lily (I know...but my wife named her. I wanted to call her Storm because when we brought her home we drove through a storm which made sense to me)is the spitting image of Coyote. Didn't realise how much of a cat-person I was until we got a couple.

all the best

"Zack" said...

Hey there Comrade and JonT.

"Coyote" was the name on her tag at the orphanage; when we got her home, we soon found out why. When she decided that she was deserving more attention than she was getting, she would HOWL LIKE A COYOTE! Now she sounds more like a cat ... a very old and tired cat BUT she is still the boss.

We lost Stick (black cat that was as thin as a stick when we first got her) back in June ... 17-years-old ... died here at home ... her last moments were in my arms ... still hurts ...

Darling little critters just make their homes inside our hearts ...